At the beginning of every year, there are always plenty of trend reports! They point to what can be expected in the following months. What are the trends in business tourism in 2017? The Alsace Regional Tourism Observatory has issued its forecasts:


  • Generation Y is taking over! In 2020, Generation Y will enjoy majority status in decision-making. They are big spenders, but also more demanding when it comes to service, especially online. Websites, platforms and media organisations that don’t measure up well in comparisons will inevitably be sidelined.


  • Mobility becomes the norm! Convention and Seminar Centres will have to adapt to mobile communication habits. More than just a norm, these practices have become a reflex. Nowadays, conventioneers all have a means of communication: a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Anticipating their desire to speak out and share their opinions, particularly on social media, is a way for a host to provide an extra service that will be greatly appreciated.


  • Gamification is on the rise! Who still wants to sit passively through a presentation of 250 PowerPoint slides? Sleep-inducing activities have been definitively vanquished by fun and games.  Event organisers face the challenge of understanding the scope of this change and coming up with creative, stimulating, participatory concepts.


  • Wellbeing is the winning advantage! Faced with competition between destinations, how can you stand out from the crowd? In 2017, it’s the little perks that will count, and attention will have to be paid to the smallest details: from the number of breaks to the quality of the coffee!
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