How can you promote team spirit and encourage your staff to go forward together towards a common goal? Find out about an original activity for your company seminar!

An unusual team-building activity: build your own raft and win the race!

Here is the situation: you are on a desert island and all you have is a little material with which to build a raft. For everything else – you must work as a team to organise yourselves, to think and use the few means at your disposal in an intelligent way. If you dream of taking part in Koh Lanta or Survivor, this is the moment to show what you are made of! Once you have built your raft, put it in the water and paddle away (as long as it floats, of course, and goes forward)! To win, your team needs to cross the finishing line first! It’s a challenge that calls for cohesion and requires serious thought, but also brings a lot of laughter, as you might imagine! What’s more, it’s refreshing in the summer!

That’s the idea. Quite original, don’t you think? It’s really something out of the ordinary! And it is one of the activities organised by Maorn as part of our seminars, team-building and incentives. This is something unique in Alsace. You might like to know that the water area can be reserved and a qualified instructor is on hand to help.

A made-to-measure activity with Maorn

You are looking for something to do after a day of meetings, or you are organising a relaxation seminar for your staff: our objective at Maorn is to bring you a solution adapted to your needs. A wide range of leisure activities are available, such as traditional hiking, mountain biking or snowshoeing… As well as organising the activities, Maorn provides you with a total service including accommodation, catering, transport, etc.

Deciding how to build and race a raft can be an excellent solution to stimulate your team. It generates a lot of enthusiasm, and marks a real break with daily life and the world of work. Participants need to concentrate and think – in a relaxed atmosphere, of course! Would your team be open to the idea? ?