The Alsace area abounds in competence centres and industrial excellence. Further proof of the region’s dynamic spirit and wide appeal! A brief overview.

Alsace: an innovative region where players join forces

Alsace demonstrates its ability to bring together industries and companies within a sector to launch shared projects, innovate and improve competitiveness. We have several competence centres in a variety of areas such as materials, mobility, energy, water, science, technology, mechanics, chemistry, textiles…

These centres are a source of strength at the regional, national and international level, and will also be an asset for your themed or business seminar in Alsace.

Other economic players are achieving impressive levels of growth. For example, Socomec was showcased in the “Hidden champions of industry” series by l’Usine Nouvelle.

State-certified competitive clusters

  • Hydreos Alsace Lorraine is a group of water businesses who meet to develop innovative solutions for water quality management.
  • The Fibres Cluster works to promote the use of effective, eco-friendly materials and processes.
  • The Vehicle of the Future cluster aims to design sustainable solutions for the vehicles of tomorrow.
  • The Alsace Energivie cluster is dedicated to energy efficiency in construction, and focusses on energy-plus buildings (BEPOS).
  • Alsace BioValley supports the growth of businesses in the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Competence centres in Alsace

  • Rhénatic, the leading ICT competence centre, aims to promote digital technology among regional businesses.
  • The Comité Mécanique Alsace aims to strengthen the mechanics sector and promote the mechanics industries.
  • The aim of the Alsace chemistry cluster is to innovate and support Alsatian businesses, especially in the field of green chemistry.
  • The Textile Alsace cluster is a group of regional textile businesses working to improve performance.
  • Rhénaphotonics Alsace, the Optics and Photonics cluster, aims to promote economic growth and encourage innovation among member businesses.
  • The Alsace Materials and Nanoscience cluster (PMNA) is a network for research, knowledge transfer and innovation in the field of materials, nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  • The Home Improvement Cluster is a group of home improvement businesses working towards a shared goal: to design the solutions of tomorrow.

Other competence centres are also being organised. Alsace benefits from a centre for research into E-marketing techniques, with Cogifactory, and an association for the food industries, the ARIA Alsace. In addition, the Centre Régional de Veille Stratégique gives businesses and communities the benefit of its expertise in the field of strategic monitoring.