An adventure game created in Japan, escape rooms are the latest trend in activities. Highly valued by organisers of incentive experiences, escape rooms combine team spirit with puzzle solving. The objective is to improve cohesion between the employees of a company.

To win, of course you have to find clues and solve mysteries, but more importantly, you need to know how to communicate, interact and collaborate. Otherwise, the team will not manage to escape within the allotted hour. In addition to helping people learn to collaborate and communicate together, escape rooms are also an excellent way to find out how participants hold up under the pressure of deadlines and brain teasers of varying difficulty levels.

In Alsace, several escape room venues welcome companies that want to try out the various challenges, all offered in different settings. Try the game out here:


La Loge Du Temps accommodates 12 players in 2 rooms and 2 very different ambiances.


Le Nautilus accommodates 6 players who set off to discover the most famous of submarines.


The Long John accommodates 5 players hunting down a serial killer.


  • A Maze Inis the first escape room venue opened in Alsace. It offers the largest capacity, for 17 players, in 3 rooms with 3 different scenarios.
  • New: Dooz Escape offers a short format (30 min.), in addition to the usual format. The space can accommodate 14 players in 2 different rooms.

It should be noted that some venues also offer rooms for meetings and debriefing sessions. This feature is very useful, because it means companies can organise several teams and several games at the same time.