Thanks to its innovative concept, L’Échappée Bière gives you the opportunity to spend an unforgettable time while getting to know beer. Do you know its history? What about its production process? Have you already been in a traditional brewery of the region? With L’Échappée Bière, you will be able to learn while having a great time!

Give colour to your corporate events and your seminars

Offer your colleagues unique team-building workshops with L’Échappée Bière: beer rallies, tasting workshops, brewery visits and even brewing demonstrations. Live unforgettable moments together while appreciating the authenticity of the experience!  L’Échappée Bière offers a wide range of both educational and fun activities: beer bars, beer casinos, escape games and even murder mystery games.

A passion for beer

Beer is a crucial element of the Alsatian heritage, as proved by the high number of breweries and microbreweries. L’Échappée Bière wants to highlight traditional production and promote the discovery of this exceptional product. L’Échappée Bière will share its passion with you thanks to educational, fun, social and enjoyable activities.

Organising a beer-oriented event