It awakens the senses, tickles the tastebuds and warms the soul: mulled wine is a must at the Christmas markets in Alsace so make sure you try some during your seminar. 

Mulled wine, a recipe for success

The ultimate festive drink epitomises everything that’s unique about Christmas in Alsace: mulled wine has a distinctive scent which acts like Proust’s Madeleine cakes. It is a wine spiced with things like cinnamon and star anise. Usually a good Pinot Noir is used to make mulled wine as, although it’s packed with flavour, it needs a good base to be at its best. Some people make it using white wine which may not be authentic but it’s interesting to try.

Now onto the tasting. If your seminar is held in Alsace in December, be sure to head to the mulled wine stands at the Christmas markets. Whether it be StrasbourgColmar or Mulhouse, follow your nose around these towns and surrounding villages! Top tip: if several stands are selling mulled wine, go to the one with the most people as it’s usually a sign that the wine is good!

There’s nothing quite like this drink to spread some Christmas cheer among guests and attendees between activities.

Alcohol-free but equally festive: alternative Christmas drinks

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy mulled wine, there are lots of alternatives on the Christmas markets! There’s mulled apple and orange juice with Christmas spices which is just as delicious and warming! In the chalets you’ll find Christmas teas and herbal teas to keep the festivities alive and maybe served with some traditional little Christmas bredele cakes!

As you can tell, it would be a shame to come to Alsace for a seminar and not stop at a Christmas market to soak up the Alsace atmosphere with a nice mulled wine (or apple juice)!