You want to bring your employees together with a federating theme. But which one? Brands and Celebrities, the French product placement specialist, has investigated. It hereby reveals the most popular themes.

The TOP 5 themes selected by companies

  1. Innovation
  2. Motivation
  3. Team building
  4. Managing change
  5. Management

Well-being: a strong theme

With limited presence up to now in seminar programmes, the theme of happiness and well-being at work has become the essential theme for 2017. Demand for conferences on this theme is growing and meets transversal issues: from the Human Resources Director to Staff Representatives, happiness in the work place is an essential concern for all companies wishing to improve performance.

The winning duo of conference theme and format

So you’ve chosen your seminar theme? Lay the groundwork for a successful conference. Academic profiles are less seductive:  favour speeches based on Success Stories and practical content that can be immediately applied to daily work, aim for short, dynamic formats, reserve time for questions and answers and participative formats.

Have a great seminar in Alsace!